The Motorola XT185 is here and already proving to be Motorola’s next bestselling walkie talkie. The next generation of licence-free walkie talkies that has been eagerly anticipated by users. The XT185 replaces the successful XT180 model and adds a number of upgraded features to the previous model.

The Motorola XT185 provides a great value, professional communication alternative to licenced radios with no additional fees to pay for Ofcom licencing.

The new compact design, created for business and commercial users, is durable, lightweight, simple to operate and easy to carry. Perfect for prompt, clear communication across a warehouse, shop floor, or school playground.

There are a lot of elements to consider when choosing the appropriate walkie talkie for you, but what is it about the XT185 that makes it an exceptional successor to the XT180?


When comparing the XT180 and XT185 side by side, there are many differences visually. The XT185 has been redesigned, to provide the modern user with all they’re looking for in a walkie talkie. Making the devices perfect for business or commercial environments.

In spite of its smaller size, the display screen is just as big as the XT180 and is easily visible. Now with fewer buttons, it takes away any additional steps to change channel or adjust the volume. Which makes the use of the radios easier.

Features of the XT185

Up to 24 hours of battery life on a single charge is among the enhanced features. In comparison to the previous edition, which offered 14 hours. The XT185 is built to last, with an IP54 rating that means it's both water-resistant and dust-tight.

Along with excellent user-friendliness and professional quality, users require instant set up, the XT185 provides the simplicity of easy pairing. This new feature means the radios can be paired instantly. So the devices are ready to work straight away.

Accessories are already provided with the XT185 walkie talkies, that include, belt clips, lanyards and earbuds. Making the investment go even further. The device is also compatible with single pin accessories, meaning additional accessories can be purchased if preferred.

Where Can I find the Motorola XT185?

The all new XT185 is available to order now at Radio Solutions. With different pack sizes available to suit all user requirements. As a Motorola Solutions Platinum Partner, we offer expert advice and all of the bestselling Motorola products.

With trial periods available, there is also the option to try before you buy so you can be assured the XT185 is right for you.

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