Known as East Anglia’s largest indoor play centre, InflateBounce is filled with bouncy castles and many activities for children to do. Open to the public and also offering private parties, the venue often experiences extremely busy periods.

With an on-site sweet shop, ice cream parlour and balloon shop, using walkie talkies had always been a must.

Previous use of Two-Way Radios

The team at InflateBounce are no strangers to radio communication, previously using them throughout for communication support and for health and safety. The previous radios were no longer performing as they should, due to their age, wear and tear overtime and battery life.

An essential part of the day to day for InflateBounce, two-way radios have always been essential.
The activity centre is spread across 4000sqm and with many health and safety factors to consider, utilising two-way radios provides that instant communication. Supporting daily operations and ensuring staff can swiftly respond to any issues quickly.

Looking for a New Solution

Turning to Radio Solutions for their latest walkie talkie fleet, they opted for the Motorola XT185. With a lightweight, compact design that’s simple to transport when on the move and up to 24 hours battery life, the XT185 makes a great option for the team.

Other features of the Motorola XT185 include:

• Earbuds & Belt Clips
• Removeable rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries
• Charger Pods
• Y Shaped Twin Micro USB Charger Plugs.

Jumping into Action with the New Radios

Charging the new radios has never been easier for the team with the charger pods. Aaron, the Head of IT & Software Operations explained

“Now we have a charging station where staff just drop the radios on the charger and they begin charging, this is much easier”

Discussing the improvements with Aaron further, he detailed:

“We have about 16 Staff members who use these radios to communicate with each other daily. It's over the Area of about 4000sqm. They work great for this!”

Looking to utilise walkie talkies but unsure what would work best for you? Give the team a call on 01745 335 811 to discuss your requirements.