Castle Point Borough Council located in Runnymede, operate two leisure centres that accommodate multiple activities for all ages and abilities. The sites each include a swimming pool, gym, studios, a sports hall and 3G pitch.

Having multiple facilities available means that communication throughout the leisure centre is crucial in order to account for all members. Staff had previously used walkie talkies for support across the site, however due to them being discontinued they required an upgraded alternative.

Detailing the radio requirements further, Duty Manager Michael explained that he needed new radios for general communication between staff in all areas. The radios where also essential for instant communication during an emergency, therefore they had to be extremely efficient.

Michael decided to order the Motorola XT185, a lightweight and easy to use radio perfect for business use. These radios have easy pairing, so at the touch of a button, your radios will pair together and work simultaneously.

Michael complimented the clarity and battery life. The Li-Ion batteries provided, deliver an impressive 24 hour battery life in just one charge. Making it a reliable communication solution for a busy leisure centre.

Castle Point also identified the requirement for waterproof radios to use around the swimming pool in their facility. The radio of choice was the Motorola T92, this radio is fully compatible with the Motorola XT185. The T92 boasts an IP67 rating, meaning it withstands water submersion of up to one metre for thirty minutes.

Michael commented on the buying experience with Radio Solutions, detailing it as ‘Nice and Easy’.

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