Nursing home upgrade to robust XT185 walkie talkies to improve communication for staff.
Located in Weston-Super-Mare, Albert House Nursing Home is a 38-bed care home that provides 24/7 care to residents.

Daily care at the home consists of eight carers and two nurses. The team usually work in pairs however, there are occasions where care requires one individual. Making communication between the team throughout a shift vital.

The Requirement for Two-Way Radios

Staff working need to be able to relay information to each other in order to provide safe care. Such as if a resident needs to be lifted with the required equipment and for urgent communication.

Although the home already has a bell system, staff need walkie talkies to communicate instantly between one another. Particularly to send and receive instructions throughout the day.

Managing Director of the home Adrian explained that they already used walkie talkies throughout the home to communicate. However they weren’t up to the required standards and would fall apart easily if dropped.

Updating to a Improved Solution

Because of this Adrian decided to look into a better solution for the staff to use throughout the nursing home. Which is when he discovered the Motorola XT185.

The Motorola XT185 is the replacement to the best-selling XT180 model, offering a sleek new design and compact size. The upgraded Li-Ion battery boasts an impressive 24 hour battery life in one charge and has 16 channels to choose from.

When asking Adrian how the team were finding the new radios, he stated that they are a lot more robust compared to their previous ones. Adrian also mentioned that should they experience any interference, they can easily switch to another channel. Thanks to the easy pairing function on the radios.

Discussing the buying experience with Radio Solutions Adrian explained; “Excellent, the product came quickly, well packed and all good.”

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