Last week Radio Solutions were delighted to hand deliver radio accessories to The Hive Youth Centre.

Based in Birkenhead, Wirral, the centre is open to those aged between 8-19* and attracts upwards of 1,200 visitors each week across Merseyside and the surrounding areas.

The centre received a lot of press attention recently with the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, so following the order we were eager to find out more.
Walking into the building for the first time we were immediately struck by the sheer size of the centre which was buzzing with activities in every direction. Officially opened in April 2017 the centre has evolved along the way into the thriving hub it is today.

We were greeted by youth worker Lewis Collins who gave us a more detailed insight into the fantastic service that the centre offers. Open 365 days a year and offering 46 hours of youth work a week the centre is designed to cater for all. Lewis kindly gave us a comprehensive tour of the centre and its facilities which include:

o A climbing wall
o Gym
o Salon
o Cooking Area
o Boxing ring
o Rooftop football pitch
o Skate park
o Music room
o Radio Station
o Film Production room
o Sensory Room

The centre is very inclusive and has something for everyone which was evident from the enthusiasm of the children and young adults participating.
In terms of their radio requirements and the importance of them in the day to day operation of the centre Lewis detailed:

'Radios are essential for our internal communications and we would really struggle without them. Every member of staff is issued with a radio which means they can keep in constant communication as a team across our large site. They help keep our team in touch with each other and are an important part of the processes we have in place to keep our members safe.’

The Hive and the work the team does really is a fantastic asset to the local area and supports young people from all walks of life. If you would like to find out ways in which you can support the centre visit their website for more details.

*25 for those disabilities

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