How radios can help keep staff safe during covid-19

With many returning to work in the coming weeks and months it is important to recognise that businesses will not simply be able to go back to operating the way they were before the Pandemic. Measures must be put in place in order to protect staff and top of this list is ensuring social distancing is maintained. For this to happen businesses need to adapt. Whether it be warehouses looking to reduce the movement of staff, a garden centre introducing a click and collect service or a takeaway restaurant wanting preventing customers from entering the establishment in favour of taking orders outside, radios can help. In fact the use of radios is supported by Government as a viable solution to social distancing.

Equally important to having the right equipment is ensuring that it is used and cared for in the safest possible way. To help with this we have put together the following guide:



1. COVID-19 Radio Cleaning Procedures

It may sound like an obvious point but regular cleaning of your radios is imperative. Below highlights the best practice when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting.



2. Personal Issue Radios & Accessories During COVID-19

Where possible it is advised to assign individual radios to team members that won’t be used by anyone else. To help with this SFL can supply radio identifier stickers if required.



3. Use Single Chargers During COVID-19

Single chargers should be used in favour of multi-chargers where possible. If using multichargers, assign each radio to an individual port.


If you would like to find out more about how to use two-way radios to keep your team safe during COVID-19 call us on 01745 335811