A growing number of retailers and shops are now using two way radios as a way of communicating between staff members and management. In larger stores that are found on all major high streets, staff are positioned strategically and it’s vital that they can communicate with other colleagues on a number of issues. We have all been into shops and seen staff using radios to communicate between the shop floor and storeroom for example. In today’s blog entry I’m going to showcase the new Motorola CLP446 and explain why it’s the perfect two way radio for retail and also the hospitality industries.

The CLP radio is small, light and offers crystal clear radio communication between devices by the simple pushing of a button on the side of the radio. There is a discreet and professional looking earpiece that comes with each CLP radio and this allows users to continue using their hands.

The video below shows how Ace Hardware have benefited using Motorola's CLP Two Way Radio

These small and robust radios are licence free and ready to use, meaning that they can be used straight out of the box (after a quick charge!). These smart looking radios come in a number of different quantity packs from Radio Solutions and have a range of up to floors or 80,000 square feet. Added to this is a huge 14 hour battery life and 8 different channels – meaning that you’re never out of communication between staff members and management.

I hope this entry has given you a quick insight into why the Motorola CLP is the perfect radio for retail and hospitality. If you have any questions or queries on this item then please do reach out and speak to us. Our team of trained professionals will be more than happy to offer free impartial advice on a wide choice of radio solutions that will benefit your business.