Looking for an upgrade ?

If you are looking to upgrade your existing two way radio equipment, currently you can get cash back when purchasing one of the new Hytera licence free radiosStocking both analogue and digital versions you`re sure to find the solution for your business or organization. With the digital models PD355LF and PD365LF you can expect exceptionally clear audio, text messaging and several other enhanced features. Analogue versions include the POWER446 both tough and durable with a IP66 rating enabling use in the harshest environments. All we need is your old equipment sent to us in working order and you will review cash back on your relevant purchase. 

The amount of cash back you receive for each model is below:

Terms and Conditions. 

1. The radios returned must be one of the brands detailed. (Approved manufacturers)
2. The radios returned must show signs of life and have a battery and antenna attached.
3. Cash back will be credited back on order once approved by Hytera (usually takes 7-14 working days)

To find out more about this deal please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail.