Two way radios and communications are vital in a wide number of industries and businesses, but they are also extremely useful in sports and events management.  A number of sports use radios to communicate and this can help both run and manage the sport.

Take football for example – the referee will often consult the linesman and they communicate via a two way radio to help make decisions that will influence the end result of the game. Another good example of communication within sport is from the world of professional cycling. Each rider at the Tour de France will have a two way radio and an ear piece in that is connected to the team car that follows the race. This allows the team manager, known as a DS, to communicate tactics, alert the riders to upcoming challenges or risks and also for the riders to talk amongst themselves when out on the open road. The ability to talk like this between riders is really important and in recent years has become so popular that the world governing body have had to create rules to govern the use of radios in certain competitions.

Within professional sport, being able to communicate and talk to people when the pressure is on is vital and it’s important that the equipment that the teams use is up to date and working as it should. Each sport and event is different and will require a variety of different solutions to keep you in contact with other team members. When considering what equipment to use, it’s worth thinking about whether or not you will need licensed or unlicensed radios. In professional sport such as the ones spoken about in this entry, we would recommend hiring two way licensed radios as this is a much more scalable solution that will be easier to grow.

A great way to ensure getting the best quality equipment is to hire two way radios from SFL Mobile Radio – we offer the latest equipment that is fully tested and quality checked before leaving us to ensure that you are always in contact with your team. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions about hiring two way radios then please reach out and speak to us on 0151 334 9160.