Based on the edge of the Forest of Dean, Precious Pets, as the name suggests are a boarding Kennel and Cattery that look after your precious pets!

With a 10 strong team covering a large area, ensuring clear communication between everyone is often a difficult task. To overcome this Precious Pets utilise walkie-talkies, namely the Motorola Xt180’s.

When asked about the day to day use of the radios, Kennel Manager Anna Knapp commented: ‘The radios are used as a way for everyone to communicate with each other, asking for help, letting everyone know who is walking where. Asking them to collect dogs/Cats from reception, or to get the pets ready to go home’

Going on to discuss how they are getting on with the walkie-talkies and her experience shopping with Radio Solutions Anna added: ‘So far so good as regards the radios, they are very easy to use and similar to the ones we have used before. Shopping with Radio solutions is equally as easy and the delivery was very prompt’

The Motorola XT180 is a rugged licenced free walkie talkie that has been designed to be easy to use, lightweight and offers superb audio clarity. If you would like more information about the XT180 or other walkie talkies call us on 01745 335 811