The acquisition of the new Motorola T82 has enabled Petrofac Training Services to maintain the highest standards of offshore and onshore training for the oil and gas production and processing industry.

As a leader in oil and gas industry safety, survival, marine and emergency management training, Petrofac Training Services deliver courses to 26,000 delegates in Scotland every year and have helped set the standards for offshore and onshore training while working closely with industry and regulators.

When Petrofac’s existing two-way radio system started to display wear and tear, they turned to Radio Solutions for upgrade advice.

Team leader of Major Emergency Management, George Louden explained: “Our previous system was hard wired using ‘base’ radio sets. The age of the base units and wiring was starting to show signs of age and the person using the radio was limited in their movement as they had to remain close to where the base station was located.

“As the industry was using hand held radios anyway we felt it would be the right thing to do to upgrade our radios to reflect what was actually being used in an offshore environment.”

Clear communication is integral to Petrofac’s training courses that are delivered from purpose built Major Emergency Management simulators in training centres in Montrose and Aberdeen.

State-of-the-art IT and audio-visual functions allow Petrofac to replicate real emergency situations ranging from a simple false alarm to a full scale evacuation. Process simulation technology can be customised to accurately replicate a client asset and create a bespoke company specific simulation, enabling site specific training whether offshore onshore or overseas.

Said Mr Louden: “We have three simulators at Montrose and two simulators in Aberdeen. The radios are used almost on a daily basis as the main means of communication during the simulated scenarios we conduct.

“We operate the radios on four separate channels during exercises as we role play an emergency channel, production channel, marine band channel and air band channel. We needed a radio that could provide this flexibility.”

Radio Solutions was happy to recommend and provide the Motorola T82 to meet these specific requirements. It is fair to say Petrofac Training Services are another satisfied customer.  

“The T82 extreme radios have proven successful so far,” said Mr Louden.

“We have no complaints at all with the service provided by Radio Solutions. I found the process very easy and the staff I contacted either by e-mail or telephone were very helpful. I would certainly recommend Radio Solutions to others.”

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