Radio Solutions works with prominent clothing retailer

A major retailer has recently purchased a number of CLP two-way radios from Radio Solutions to help co-ordinate its instore communications. Primarily known for its online operation in casual clothing the retailer also has several physical stores in London and around the south of England.

They wanted a solution that enabled staff to stay in constant communication whether they were on the shop floor, in changing rooms or in the storeroom. They needed something sleek, compact and discrete that would enable instant communication with the push of a button, so they could liaise with customers and colleagues discretely and improve the customer journey and experience.

Radio Solutions sold them Motorola CLP 446 licence free radios which include a unique magnetic carry case allowing users to clip the radio wherever is needed on their person – a pocket, blouse, shirt, jacket lapel or waistband. The radio has 14 hours battery life which is ideal for long retail shifts. The streamlined design of the CLP gives a discreet, professional look. It is easy to use, weighs only 67.5 grams and has excellent audio.

The retailer plans to roll out the application of the CLP two-way radios across all of its stores in the south.

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