The Motorola Solutions XT180 is recognised as a durable, flexible and easy to use licenced free radio and is one of our best sellers here at Radio Solutions. With an impressive stated range and list of features we wanted to put the XT180 to the test and see if it lives up to its reputation as a great general use radio.


One of the most important factors with any radio is its range which the XT180 data sheet claims to be 10Km. What is important to note is this range is stated in perfect conditions which would be across a flat and open space such as a field. In most cases however this is not going to be its reality. For the purpose of a fair test we tested the range in what we consider a typical setting and we managed to get a range of between 1 and 2 Km. This will depend on what obstacles are in-between the two radios. (If you are considering XT180 radios and have a range requirement between these distances why not take advantage of our demo radios and try before you buy!)


The features in the data sheet are extensive and for the price point you really do get a lot for your money. Some of the standout features listed include: Up to 14 hours battery life, 8 channels with 121 eliminator codes (sub- channels), hands-free VOX operation, splash-proof IPX2 rating and auto channel scan. We found this to be an accurate representation although the battery life we experienced was just over 11 hours. We did however use the radios quite extensively during this time which would have an impact. With the amount of channels and sub channels it made setting up multiple lines; which could be a representation of work departments, very easy. The auto channel scan which scans through all the channels to detect activity allowed us to conveniently switch between these lines, a feature we believe is great for management wishing to speak with multiple departments.

Expandability & Compatibility

Another good feature of the XT180’s is that they are easily expandable. Being licensed free if you want to add to your fleet it is as simple of buying more radios, setting them up on the correct channels and away you go. Interestingly we have found the XT180 to be a popular choice for those wishing to add to their Motorola Solutions T80 fleet which is now an obsolete model. In comparing these radios it is clear to see why as the casing is almost identical apart from the colour and they use the same chargers. We tested the radios together and can confirm that they also worked together seamlessly making them a great option for those looking for a similar radio to add to their existing T80 fleet.

Motorola XT180 - Our Verdict

So what’s our verdict? For the price and feature list it’s a great option licensed free radio. If you need something that will give coverage over 1-2Km we believe the XT180 lives up to its reputation and its popularity is deserved. If you have any more questions or would like to find out more about the XT180 please call our team on 01745 335 811