Radio Solutions has recently supplied a number of Wirral Borough Council leisure centres with digital two-way radios.

Centres including the Oval, Bidston, Guinea Gap (and shortly Beechwood recreation centre) are now using Motorola DP4400 radios.

Team members including reception staff, lifeguards and instructors use the radios for efficient and effective internal day-to-day communications.

The centres’ radios are also connected to SFL Mobile Radio’s WirralNET radio network which covers a number of Wirral Council teams including community safety officers.

If there is an emergency or incidence of anti-social behaviour at one of the leisure centres, a member of staff can press the alarm button on the Motorola DP4400. This alerts the Wirral Council central control room (via WirralNET) who can either escalate the situation to the emergency services or send out a community safety patrol.

The Motorola DP4400 series was also chosen for its reliability and durability and its powerful range with information needing to be communicated from various areas across the leisure centres.

If you would like to find out more about how a digital radio solution can benefit your school or college, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0800 975 7228.

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