Our sister company SFL Mobile has created a new Rapid Deployment Two Way Radio System. This phenomenal systems is housed in a hard shell peli case and is intended for use within military situations or for use by the emergency services. Below our MD Karl wrote short introduction to some of the amazing features of this exciting new product:

MOTOTRBO Digital Portable Rapid Deployment Solution Designed for ‘Mission Critical’ environments,

''SFL have developed an extremely flexible and immediate deployment solution to offer all your digital radio needs housed within an extremely durable Peli case application. Designed around the versatile and powerful MOTOTRBO digital high tier portable range of radio, the ‘Rapid Deployment’ radio system allows the user to ensure all their communications equipment can be accessed without delay whilst operating one of the most reliable radio DMR brands in the World.

The radios and accessories are housed within a watertight, crushproof and dustproof protective case from the Peli Storm range of industry leading durable cases. The Peli case is supplied with wheels and a telescopic handle making it extremely simplistic to transport. It’s rubber over moulded handles ensure complete grip when carrying the case in the most harsh climates. Open the case and that is when the user will appreciate the attention to detail. The lid is converted to an organiser which house the specified audio earpieces for your team as well as the configuration software and programming leads to allow third party integration if required.

The lower half of the protective case is segregated in two by toughened laser cut foam; in the top we have sectioned six lapel speak microphones (options available) and a single charger with six spare batteries. Below is housed a six way rapid Impres charger which can charge the batteries independently or the radio complete. The case also provides a complete set of antennae to enable the system to cover the UHF / VHF bands fully which are colour coded to ensure ease when selecting them for operations''.

As you can see, this product is truly world class and comes in a number of different options. For more information or to order your own Peli Case please reach out and speak to us on 0151 334 9160. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions about our ranges and products then please do get in touch with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.