In recent times technology has really moved on and no more so than in the communication and two way radio industry. Over the years the whole industry has really improved and with the development and increase in digital radio technologies, this has had a really positive effect on the two way radios that are currently available. Generally speaking, the unlicensed radios that get used in smaller schools and education establishments will use the older analogue systems and the newer digital radio systems will use a licensed a radio solution.

When looking at the radios that get used in the emergency services they use a system called TETRA and this is a secure network solution that allows the emergency services to communicate in a secure and confidential manner.

When deciding up radio solution for your businesses or workplace there are a couple of things that need considering before committing to a solution that may not be suitable. Important points to think about are:

• Hire – this options gives you the option of hiring radios on either short term or long term lease. Benefits include getting the latest radios available and not having to outlay resources to obtain equipment

• Buy – this option is popular if you are working regularly with radios and don’t mind outlaying resources on equipment.

• Licensed or unlicensed? - A licensed from Ofcom will offer a signal and will allow for clear communication between devices on your frequency.

• Intended use? This will have an effect on the above two points!

• Size of your site/location – if you require your radios to work over larger distances such as on construction sites in large cities then we would recommend using licensed radios. You may need to also use a repeater if the site is particularly large.

Choosing your Two Way Radios

As you can see there are a number of important points to think about and consider when choosing your two way radio solution. Two way radios get used in a number of industries such as the emergency services, the MOD, retail, education, sport, construction, energy and the security services. Each one of these industries uses a number of radios and here at SFL we have hired and sold radios into all of these industries.

If you are unsure on what solution you will require or need help and advice on choosing your radios please reach out and speak to us, our trained consultants will be happy to help and advise. We are available Monday-Friday 08.00-17.30 on 0151 334 9160.