Radio Solutions Supply Motorola XT180 Walkie Talkies to the British Ice Skating Association.

As the governing Body for all aspects of ice skating (apart from hockey) the British Ice Skating Association is responsible for monitoring members, clubs and coaches, as well as running events and training camps. It is these events that require clear communication between various parties, with health and safety being top of the list of priorities. 

For this British Ice Skating turned to Radio solutions purchasing 16 Motorola XT180 Walkie Talkies. When asked how the Radios performed, Events and Development Officer Rebecca Mayo commented:

‘The radios have been great, as well as the accessories that came with them, such as the earpieces’

Rebecca was equally complimentary of the service they received from Radio Solutions going on to say:

‘The buying experience was very easy, we would use Radio Solutions again’

The Motorola XT180 is a rugged Walkie Talkie that provides the benefits of two-way communications without the need of an Ofcom licence. If you would like more information on this Walkie Talkie call our team on 01745 335 811.