Q&A with Bradford Sports Centre.

Earlier this week we were delighted to sit down with Amar Akram, director of Bradford Sport Centre who recently purchased 12 Motorola DP1400s from Radio Solutions. We wanted to find out a bit more about the sports centre and how he was getting on with the new system.

Can you tell me a little bit about the sports centre?

The sport centre is a large indoor complex based in Bradford, providing a venue for sports to the local community everything from 5 a side football to snooker. Our facilities include six 5-aside pitches, 40 Snooker tables and 15 cricket lanes

Did you have a radio communications system in place prior to purchasing Motorola DP1400?

Yes we had basic un-licenced radio equipment.

Why did you choose to upgrade the system?

We found our current system was experiencing interference from other radios in the area, we wanted to avoid this and also wanted higher power so that there was no black spots  or drops in signal which was an issue with the complex centre being large. We also wanted better build quality and longer battery life.

What is your main requirement for a two way radio system?

The radios are required to work alongside a robust CCTV system allowing communication for up to 12 staff. The DP1400’s help us maintain safety standards which is of paramount importance as there could be up to 2000 visitors in one day.  It also helps in ensuring staff efficiency with cleaners and maintenance throughout the large complex.

Are the radios already in use? If so how have you found the usability of them?

They are, we have found them really easy to use, simple design channel dial and the earpieces are comfy and connect easily. Our staff had no problems setting up.

How did you find the purchasing process at radio solutions did you find the sales team to be helpful and knowledgeable?

Yes very helpful I explained that current radios where not up to the job and sales person pointed me in the right direction explaining the benefits of licenced radios, even going above beyond  arranging  same day pick up including a speedy licence application .

All round Great service!

We were delighted to be able to help Bradford Sport Centre  improve their communications. If you would like to find out how our two way radio systems can help your business call us on 01745335811 to speak with a member of our team.