Photo credit Craig Dutton

Radio Solutions is going on a global medal trail with BMX TV Live.

The popular YouTube channel travels across the world promoting UCI BMX Supercross, which is the discipline of the all-action sport that is in the Olympics. In 2019 BMX TV Live will provide coverage from Manchester to Holland, France, the United States and the World Cup finals in Belgium.

Because BMX TV Live move from one country to the next they require unlicensed radios at events for communication between the camera men, director and other team members who pair their radios with noise cancelling headsets. BMX TV Live has recently purchased more kit from Radio Solutions to take their total to 11 Motorola XT420’s.

Emma Smith of BMX TV Live is delighted with the results: “The radios work well and suit our needs. They do their job well,” she said. “Dealing with Radio Solutions is a very efficient process. I ordered the radios online and they were delivered the next day.”

Radio Solutions is pleased to support BMX TV Live which has over 26,000 followers on YouTube and growing.

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